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Looking for efficient solutions to boost your business and promote your brand during the COVID-19 outbreak?

Utilize the opportunity and resources to foster your business growth! Our comprehensive packages are offered by leading marketing companies and agencies, including Facebook, Guru Online, Radica Systems Limited, Fimmick & Aloha Group!

Enjoy the limited offers below!



E-commerce and digital marketing resources hub

  • Free Facebook for Business lessons
    Take the first step of digital transformation from scratch, topics include audience targeting, Ad structure, optimisation techniques, creative strategy, content management etc.
  • Partner offers
    1. Shopline:
      • Complimentary 1-month extension for new yearly plan merchant
      • Enjoy up to 8% SF Express automation delivery service discount
      • One-off admin fee waiver for advertising service and free consultation service for going online or getting digital traffic
    2. Boutir:
      • Up to 40% discount on annual plans
      • 1-month free trial of e-commerce Starter Plan and free enroll into exclusive Pilot Ad Placement Program until Jun 2020

Website: https://ww.facebook.com/business/m/go-digital-program/

Guru Online

One-stop e-commerce and digital marketing agency

Customised solutions that best use the D-Biz Programme to uplift customer experience and drive sales during physical distancing:

  • One-stop online shop and website development
  • Social media AR camera
  • Digital and social media advertisement
  • WhatsApp Business API solution
  • Data analytics & CRM

Website: https://www.guruonline.com.hk/d-bizsolution/

Digital marketing

Radica Systems Limited

Big data marketing solution provider

HKD100K for each of the packages below

  • Online store set up with effective marketing – finish setup in 14 days
  • Automated E-marketing in cross channels – automate campaigns to different segment with dynamic requirement
  • AI Programmatic marketing – take 3 steps only to launch marketing campaign
  • 5G Mobile & Automated AI Remote Retail Solution – support interactive customer engagement to sales conversion

Website: http://www.radicasys.com/dbiz-fund-anti-epidemic-fund-2020-hong-kong

Fimmick Limited

Social media specialist in digital marketing

  • Company website & online shop setup
  • Online Advertising (Facebook / Instagram / Google / LinkedIn)
  • Chatbot Development
  • WhatsApp Business Development (Customer Engagement & Coupon Solutions)
  • Customer Journey Automation Solutions
  • Conversational Channel Payment Solutions

Website: https://www.fimmicksmb.com/lead/signup3/

Aloha Group Limited

Data-driven SEO specialist in digital marketing

Exclusive for HKSTP companies – HKD100K
6-month package until 31/05/21,

  1. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
    • Site audit
    • Specific Quanery Licence – Aloha technology to maximize organic keyword and page data
    • Recommendations to offer major fixes to enhance organic exposure
    • Automated monthly SEO report for analysis and review
  2. Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
    • Generate 3,000 clicks
    • Google Advertisement and campaigns setup
    • Audience and Retargeting setup
    • Automated monthly SEM report for analysis and review
    • Competitor SEM monitoring report – max. 20 keywords

Website: https://www.alohaonline.asia/d-biz/?utm_source=STP&utm_medium=DM&utm_campaign=DBIZ

Event pamphlet can be downloaded here.
All the information stated are for your reference only. For details, terms and conditions of the products, please refer to their respective websites.