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Find it hard to locate the right candidate? How can you diversify your talent pool? We have prepared some recruitment support packages to help you diversify your talent pool!

Check out the support details from our supporting partners to help you snatch up the right overseas & local talents!


Exclusive recruitment discounts for HKSTP companies:

  • For salaries up to HK$700,000,
    • HKSTP preferred fees – 20%
  • For salaries from HK$700,001 to HK$1,500,000,
    • HKSTP preferred fees – 22%
  • For salaries at HK$1,500,001 and above,
    • HKSTP preferred fees – 24%

Special calculation to provide a staggered payment plan for startups:
Preferred fee x110% payable over 4 instalments; 1st payment due 30 days from start date and following 3 payments due at 30 day intervals

Interested parties please contact mat@connectgroup.com


Offers all-rounded & tailor-made services, from job posting, company profile building, talent match, video and social media marketing, advertorial, to SEM/GDN services:

Incu-App & Incu-Tech members:

  • Online job advertisements (Ad)-
    • up to 50 jobs postings*
  • Free CV request credits –
    • up to 250 credits

10% off discounts for any purchase of CTgoodjobs services (by case)

Free talent match services
for 6 months (50 credits)*

*valid until 31 Dec 2020

Interested parties please apply at https://forms.gle/GXGHGo7CTdycZtvj6


Offers international recruitment solution, designed to meet the specific needs and demands of startup ventures & high-growth companies, with hubs in Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia.

Special 15% discount off of standard rates for all new clients from HKSTP

Interested partiers please contact alex.king@ambition.com.hk (with the title “HKSTP Ambition)

Event pamphlet can be downloaded here.
All the information stated are for your reference only. For details, terms and conditions of the products, please refer to their respective websites.