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Free consultations up to 3 hours and a special 15% discount

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Free consultations up to 3 hours and a special 15% discount

Free of charge:

Initial consultation for general and specific queries.

15% discount:

  • Attorney fees for patent/design application filing, trademark registration and procedural services
  • Attorney hourly rates for substantive works including documents studying and preparation, strategy development and provision, communication with authorities, attendance at courts, etc.
  • Fees for translation between Chinese and English, Japanese and Korean.

About China PAT

China PAT is an IP boutique law firm providing full IP services for clients from individuals, startups to multinational corporations. With a staff of 350 people based in Beijing and other 9 cities, China PAT has accomplished collectively the most PCT filings among all the Chinese agencies, and drafted tens of thousands of patent applications involving traditional and cutting edge technologies like 5G, AI, IoT, blockchain and gene science. China PAT proudly has a legal team keeping a high winning rate in disputes and litigations, and a trademark team receiving valuable awards each year from clients and reputable organizations.


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