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Special preferred fees for recruitment service

Service Details

Exclusive recruitment discounts for HKSTP companies :
  • For salaries up to HK$700,000, HKSTP preferred fees @ 20% (this represents a 20% reduction)
  • For salaries from HK$700,001 to HK$1,500,000, HKSTP preferred fees @ 22% (this represents a 12% reduction)
  • For salaries at HK$1,500,001 and above, HKSTP preferred fees @ 24% (this represents a 16% reduction)
Special calculation to provide a staggered payment plan for startups :

Preferred fee x 110% payable over 4 installments; 1st payment due 30 days from start date and following 3 payments due at 30 day intervals

About ConnectedGroup Limited

Established in 1997 In Hong Kong, ConnectedGroup Limited is a regional executive recruitment and search consultancy with broad coverage across a range of functional and industry specialisms, each serviced by dedicated teams.


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