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Free 1-hour HR consultation

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Free 1-hour HR consultation
  • followed by 15% discount on HR solution consultation*

*HR solution consultation: HK$3,400 per hour (Original price = HK$4,000 per hour)

Is your business ready to grow? Do you have the right team to support?

Do you need advice on developing your team to improve performance and productivity, discuss hiring strategies or processes to help you attract the best talent, or assist in organizational structure to support the growth of your company?

The 1-1 HR consultation service is designed on giving you the opportunity to discuss your current HR strategies and assess if your company is adopting the best HR practices. You will enjoy a free HR health check to ensure that your company is not only complying to labour requirements, at the same time to understand where you are in terms of HR management processes benchmarking.

The HR solution service is to focus on the priorities post the health check, so you can make the best use of your resources on improving efficiencies, staff engagement and becoming the Employer of the Choice.

About Elsyung Consulting Limited

Elsyung Consulting offers bespoke and holistic Human Resources consultancy and people development programmes, delivering meaningful impact to Start-ups and SMEs. By developing teams to be highly engaged and capable, we help business owners focus their time on growing their business.

Unlike similar companies, our founder’s 25+ years of relevant experience allow us to understand the needs of business owners truly. That is why our founder and seasoned collaborative partners visit each organization to find out their real needs and recommend solutions in Human Resources best practices, building capabilities, enhancing well-being and developing professional personal image.

Through working with your people, we help you achieve your business goals.


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