Windward CPA Limited

Free company secretarial and consultation service

Service Details

Get the FREE services below upon joining Windward CPA’s bookkeeping monthly service (apply to all HKSTP companies):
  • First year company secretarial service which included:
  1. Preparing and keeping statutory records, such as register of shareholders and register of directors, etc.
  2. Preparing and submitting statutory documents, including annual return form
  3. Preparing and submitting application for business registration certificate
  4. Advice on company secretarial matters
  5. Acting as company secretary
  • 1-hour consultation meeting in respect of accounting, payroll, internal control or company formation/ restructuring
  • 1 financial analysis report for bank/potential investor

About Windward CPA Limited

Windward CPA Limited is one of the Authorized Employer in Hong Kong Institute Certified Public Accountant. The firm offers a comprehensive range of professional services, which include advisory services for corporate restructuring, and PRC services; listed company assurance and due diligence; taxation; corporate finance services for IPO, M&A, fundraising and investment advisory and other services like management consulting, corporate services, accounting and company secretary services.


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