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6 months fee waiver and Avaya B109 Conference Phone

Service Details

Upon purchase 24 months of HKT 1000M Ultra-Speed Business Broadband, HKSTP companies can enjoy

  • 6 months fee waiver
  • Avaya B109 Conference Phone

Learn More about Avaya B109 Conference Phone:

  • Compact, Portable Speaker Phone that Connects Simply to a Mobile Phone, Tablet or PC
  • Crystal-clear sound with full duplex thanks to OmniSound® audio technology
  • Support for Avaya Equinox® and other conferencing tools
  • Clear LCD screen displays enabled feature
  • Simplified Bluetooth pairing and connection using NFC
  • HD calls over Bluetooth
  • Can be paired with Avaya devices that support Bluetooth


About HKT Limited

HKT is Hong Kong's premier telecommunications service provider and leading operator in fixed-line, broadband and mobile communication services. With providing SMEs with a smooth and stable network experience and speeds up to 1000M, HKT’s fiber-optic broadband network serves commercial buildings in all Hong Kong districts. Our SME customers also benefit from a variety of value-added services such as exclusive network security protection and wireless Internet access.


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