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Employee Share Ownership Advisory - 90-minute face-to-face advisory at HK$8,000

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Employee Share Ownership Advisory – 90-minute face-to-face advisory at HK$8,000

Human capital determines which player wins the race. Many growing companies are ready to offer shares to their employees – but how? Which instrument is suitable? How to align interests with employees? Should the instrument carry voting right? Any special holding structure is required? Most importantly, how to ensure employees appreciate the value of such grant?

If you have doubt to any of the above, let us listen to you, and brief you the options and the considerations.

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Oldham, Li & Nie is a highly regarded Hong Kong-based law firm, whose commitment to professional excellence has been the cornerstone of the firm since its creation in 1987. We possess many years of experience practising in Hong Kong and have a diverse set of global employees, embodying the firm’s East-West culture.

We currently have some 40 lawyers, admitted to one or more jurisdictions, including Hong Kong, France, the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia and Canada. We also have a thriving China practice, carried on from our Hong Kong and Shanghai offices and when necessary with our associate legal network in Mainland China.


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