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  • Special 66% discount on hourly rate
  • Free 60-minute initial consultation
  • Exclusive offer at privileged hourly rate HK$2,035.00 (standard hourly rate: HK$6,000.00)

Service areas:
(1) Commercial and Corporate Services:

(a) Drafting and Reviewing of Agreements such as:

(i) Term Sheets;
(ii) Investment Agreements;
(iii) Shareholders’ Agreements;
(iv) Non-disclosure Agreements;
(v) Technology Services and Procurement Agreements;
(vi) Joint Venture (JV) Agreements;
(vii) Distribution Agreements;
(viii) Employment Agreements;
(ix) Online Terms and Conditions;
(x) Privacy Policy and Statements;
(xi) Limited Partnership Agreements;
(xii) Documents for Employee Stock Option Schemes;

(b) Conducting Legal Due Diligence for:

(i) Merger and Acquisition;
(ii) Preparation for Getting Listed;

(c) Preparing Legal Opinions on Companies for Getting Listed in China;

(d) Setting Up Companies and Funds & Company Secretarial Services, such as:

(i) Incorporation of Hong Kong and Offshore Companies;
(ii) Drafting and reviewing of Articles of Association;
(iii) Assisting in Appointment of Directors and Allotment of Shares;
(iv) Maintenance of statutory registers;
(v) Filing Annual Returns, Notice of Change of Address of Registered Office, Notice of Change of Company Secretary and Director, etc.;
(vi) Setting Up Limited Partnership Funds;

(2) Intellectual Property Services (in Hong Kong SAR, China, Malaysia, EU, US and other countries):

(a) Application/ Registration for Trademark, Patent, Design and Copyrights;

(b) Intellectual Property Management;

(c) Intellectual Property Prosecution and Enforcement, for instance:

(i) Preparing Cease and Desist Letters;
(ii) Initiating Civil Proceedings;

(d) Providing Legal Opinion and Legal Representation in Intellectual Property Disputes;

(e) Drafting and Reviewing Agreements such as:

(i) Intellectual Property Licensing Agreements;
(ii) Intellectual Property Assignment Agreements;

(3) Litigation and Dispute Resolution Services:

(a) Contractual Disputes, such as claims for outstanding sums for sale of goods/ services;
(b) Shareholder and Partnership Disputes;
(c) Employee Disputes;
(d) Product Liabilities Disputes;
(e) Disputes arising from Technology Services and Procurement Agreements;
(f) Winding Up of Companies;
(g) Trust Disputes;

(4) China Notary Services:

(a) Setting Up Subsidiaries in China;
(b) Declarations;
(c) Powers of Attorney;
(d) Documents for Litigation;
(e) Translation;
(f) Company Notarization;
(g) Inheritance;
(h) Identity Notarization;
(i) Others


About Ricardo Lee & Associates Law Office

Ricardo Lee & Associates Law Office (“RL&A”) is a Hong Kong based law firm. Its lawyers heavily focus on commercial transactions and contract terms tailoring for new technologies. RL&A provides legal and IP professional services to serve and support R&D institutes, technology companies and investment funds with technology focus.

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