VDE Global Services HK Limited

Competitive service price and express service

Service Details

  • Competitive price during the whole supply chain process, for example, technical support from sourcing, product certification, production line monitoring & mass production quality control, etc.
  • Offer express service and volume based discount
  • Offer international approval for product’s worldwide expansion
  • Arrange key account handling and customized quality assurance plan for companies requirement

About VDE Global Services HK Limited

VDE is a highly specialized German-based company responsible for product safety of electrical components / equipment / systems - worldwide and independently. It acts as quality control of supply chain services for manufacturers, suppliers, buyers and end consumers.

Service portfolio:
- Testing, certification, inspection
- EMC, noise emission, vibrations
- Chemical safety
- Energy efficiency, ecodesign
- Risk analysis based on German experts opinion / experiences
- Software evaluation
- Usability, lifetime, reliability
- Smart product testing, cyber security, functional safety, interoperability
- Environmental simulation
- International approvals

It also provides GS mark, CCC mark and CB certificate service for foreign approvals.


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